S.A.R.R.O.C. Course Introduction

This pre-course Interactive material is the first part of the Search And Rescue Radio Operators Certificate (SARROC) course and has been developed from the RNLI VHF Radio Guide for Radiotelephony - TRG-5. Upon satisfactory completion of this self-motivating course the candidate should have attained the knowledge necessary to pass the theory assessment. This assessment will be sat during the first day of the SARROC course provided by the RNLI Mobile Training Unit at Station.

It is essential that you are ready for the course by the time the GMDSS Trainer arrives at your station. The course has been developed in modular form which will allow candidates to study at their own pace, in their own time and in their own environment. Navigate around by using the course module buttons at the bottom of each page.

Each module is subject-specific and ends with a multi-choice question bank. Students are expected to achieve a pass mark of 70% in each module before they can move on.

In order to obtain a certificate of competence, crew members will need to pass the theory exam (based on this material or accompanying manual) and a practical exam during the final session. The GMDSS Trainer will arrange an examiner to attend the final session. The practical exam should take no longer than 20 minutes.

A hardcopy of TRG-5 SARROC Guide is available. Acrobat reader is required to view this file, which is pre loaded onto RNLI desktops and most computers.

A copy of S.O.P. 19 is also available in PDF format. This is the agreed format for SAR communication between the Irish CG, MCA and the RNLI

TRG Manual

This manual (TRG-5 2014) is the hard copy version of this interactive material. Everything that is contained in the manual is the same as this version and vice versa.

The added advantage of the interative version is that it contains video's and questions. The same questions are in the manual with the answers at the back.

Use the manual when you don't have access to this interactive resource.

The SARROC Course can be delivered at station over six evening sessions, or two whole days.

This course can also be delivered at the regional base, Station or RNLI College over two days